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 I took my Little E-Flite Piper J3 Cub and Mini F4U Corsair to the park to fly and then go home and repurposed some sanitized green bottles with my latest creation. 

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Two Pliny The Elder Clones

My first batch in the Fermzilla All Rounder 7.9 gallon Fermenter. That one I brewed in my Klarstein Mundschenk electric brewer. The second batch in the 9.2 gallon Fermentasaurus snub nose fermenter the next day was brewed on gas in my mash tun. I’ll find out which one turns out better. To Read what’s going on now … Click Here

Some early batches of bottling.

I can’t remember what brew this was. I gave up on the Grolsch type cap bottles after the Amazon purchased bottles did not seem to like to hold carbonation and led to flat beers. I retired all these bottles. 

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Have You Seen Me????


I smile when I bring in a full 55 lb sack of malted barley.


I do keep notes of the malts that I use use up.


I’m a fan of Maris Otter Pale Malt



I do use plenty of fine American malts. I really like this stuff!




Vienna malt is a staple for me as well. I love it!



Been tinkering around with quite a few Dingemans malts too.


“My modest little Fermenter’s Favorite 7 gallon cooler mash tun that got me going brewing all grain. I was thrilled the first time I added my milled malts, strike hot water, mixed it all up and put the top on and set my timer. Smelled like it was working,”

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