Great Western Superior Pilsen

As crisp and clean as fresh mountain air, this two row pilsner malt is simply superior. It’s perfect for brewing the malty, light-colored lagers and ales we all crave after a hearty day in the great outdoors.

Great Western Premium Two Row

Classic. Premium. Perfection. For generations, Premium Two Row has been our pinnacle base malt. It’s perfect for all beer styles, especially American ales and lagers, producing a very clean, smooth finish. When you want peak performance, there’s no better choice than our Premium Two Row.

Great Western White Wheat Malt

Hearty enough to withstand a Pacific Northwest winter, White Wheat is steeped, germinated and kilned to perfection. It’s the premium choice for American wheat beers.

Rahr Standard 6-Row

light-colored base malt made from a blend of North American 6-Row barley varieties. 6-row barley has a much higher protein content and enzymatic power than 2-row barley. Inclusion of Standard 6-Row is therefore very advantageous for recipes calling for large proportions of specialty malts, wheat malts, or adjuncts, which have little or no enzymatic power themselves. 6-row barley is also used to match historical beer styles from settings where 2-row barley was not widely available. High proportions of 6-row barley may necessitate the use of adjuncts or require protein rests in mashing.

Carapils Malt – Briess

Maillard Malts® is proud to carry products from Briess Malt and Ingredient Co, in Chilton Wisconsin. Briess Carapils® is a trademarked, high performance dextrin malt. Carapils® has a clear, glassy endosperm and contributes unfermentable sugars that add foam stability, and palate fullness to beer. Use up to 5% to improve body and significantly enhance head retention without adding flavor or color to your beer. 1.5°L

Flaked Maize

Flaked Maize often called flaked corn adds mild, neutral flavor in small amounts, moderate sweetness at higher percentages. Low rates sometimes used in English bitters. Can make up to 40% of grist for American lager styles.

Flaked Rice

Lightens the body and increases crispness of a beer. Commonly used in American and Japanese lagers. Can be used for up to 40% of the grist.

German Light Munich

Our Light Munich Malt is created by taking Vienna Malt a stage further in the kiln. The additional heat promotes melanoidin reactions to produce rich bread crust flavours. Again, Light Munich Malt can be used as a base since the enzymes are suitably preserved in this malt.

The use of Munich and Vienna Malts are not just for German style beers, they add a beautiful subtle complexity to many beer styles.

Great Western 15 °L Crystal malt

The flavor is slightly sweet. It is usually used in very light colored beers such as Pilsners and Pale Ales to add body, malt flavor and a little color.

Opal 44 (Caramelized, Toffee) Malt – Mecca Grade

Opal 44 is your next secret ingredient. Sweet, moderately-toasted, with hints of chocolate; it’s wort is reminiscent of homemade almond roca.

Honey Malt

Honey Malt is a unique malt produced by the Gambrinus Malting Corporation, a small malting company in Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada. It is made using a special process that develops distinctive flavors. The unique process puts Honey malt in the same family as German “œbrumalt” and melanoidin malt.

The result is an intense malt sweetness free from roasted or astringent flavors, with a characteristic honey-like flavor and golden color. It really doesn’t compare to any other malt. Its unique qualities and sweet maltiness make it a perfect specialty malt in many styles.