Date: December 2nd 2023. Time: 5pm

Well well well ….. the days are getting shorter and the air a little chilly, so it’s time to come together before the Holidays and BBQ and try a few new of my homemade brews. It will be a potluck and we will be grilling burgers with all the fixings, Beef Bratwurst and beer battered French fries so the theme is holiday beer drinking foods!!!
Any creative cooks can attempt creating a dish using my beers as an ingredient and I will provide you what you need beforehand. I have been brewing SMaSH (Single Malt & Single Hops) beers for a change of pace and even though I am far from unbiased, I have been thrilled how they have turned out.
My recent creations have been: Olde Tyme Ale (100% 6 Row malt with Nugget whole hops) Dia de Los Muertos Pale Ale (entirely German Vienna hops with English Fuggle hops) Bird of Prey Pale Ale (100% Great Western High Color Pale Malt with American Falconer’s Flight Hops) and last but not least, Highland Pale Ale (nothing but Scottish Golden Promise Pale Malt with old school English Golding whole hops)
All of these will be easy drinking, crisp and refreshing creations and your feedback will be appreciated. I also have some of previous batches of favorites bottled in the coolers too. I hope you folks can make it!