As I tried to compile a list of my malts in house , I became a bit overwhelmed on how to keep track of them. I also have some Viking malts I ordered from Texas Brewing and more Weyermann malts that will squeeze onto another list.  I’ll add them later. I have used all of these in at least a few of my recipes. The sky is the limit. It’s sort of like when you start really getting into cooking and have a kitchen and pantry packed with a bunch of cool spices and ingredients and you finally have to decide what do you want to cook. You can’t use them all but I’ve made a few very busy beers from time to time.  

Briess Caramel 10L Malt – This light caramel malt produces light golden hues, and has a mellow, candy like sweetness and a subtle toffee flavor – similar to spun sugar. I’ve been really content with this malt in quite a few of my recipes.

Carahell® Malt – Weyermann® – used in many German lagers looking for a little more body without much color. Mild caramel notes provide balance without overpowering the nuttier Munich and Vienna malts. 8.1-11.8L

Crystal 15L Malt – Great Western Malting – The flavor is slightly sweet. It is usually used in very light colored beers such as Pilsners and Pale Ales to add body, malt flavor and a little color.

Melanoidin Malt – Weyermann® – 26.8 °L – Much like Munich, but with more aroma. Lends mouthfeel and great aromatics to the beer. Has a nice almost biscuit flavor. Use to help replicate the maltiness and mouthfeel found in decoction mashes. Could be overpowering if used as more than 20% of the grain bill. Must be mashed. Improves flavor stability, fullness, and imparts a reddish color to dark, amber, and red-colored beers. Great for use in Dark Lagers and Red Ales.

Briess Caramel 40L Malt – Caramel 40L is a popular and verstaile medium caramel malt that will contribute rich golden hues and smooth flavors of sweet toffee and caramel. Use 3-15% in many beer styles to enhance the body, foam stability, color, and flavor of your beer. 40°L

Fawcett English Medium Crystal Malt – Medium crystal malt from the UK is essential to achieving that authentic English flavor in everything from bitters to browns. This versatile English crystal malt imparts a rich gold to copper-red color and complex, slightly fruity, rich caramel flavor. Use it to enhance flavor, aroma, body and foam stability in a wide variety of ales. 42-48°L

Weyermann® German Caramunich III Malt – 57° L. Copper color and moderately toasty sweet flavor and aroma. Use 5-10% for enhanced body and malt character in Oktoberfest, Altbier and bock; 1-5% for other amber beers.

Briess Caramel 60L Malt – Caramel 60 is a widely used, versatile, medium crystal malt that will contribute a rich sweetness, and pleasant toasted bread and pronounced, full caramel flavor with a light, reddish hue.

Fawcett English Dark Crystal Malt – 70-80° L. Contributes a strong reddish hue to milds, brown ales, and other dark beers. The long kilning of this malt imparts a roasty edge on top of the malty sweetness of a crystal malt.

Briess Organic C-120L Malt – 120° L. Very dark caramel malt made from organically-grown 2-row barley, certified by Oregon Tilth. Contributes body, foam stability, color, and flavor. Use 3-15% in amber or dark beers for deep red color and pronounced caramel, burnt sugar, raisin, and prune flavor.

Special B® Malt – 120-140°L the darkest of the Belgian caramel malts, and oh how special it is.

It has a unique aroma and flavor that is very complex. It imparts a heavy, dark caramel taste with more subtle notes of burnt sugar, raisin, and dark dried fruits such as cherries and plums. It can also deliver some of the softer roasty notes of a chocolate or black malt but without the astringency or bitterness. Use it to brew traditional Belgian Abbey and Trappist Ales, Dubbels and Dark Strong Ales.

Fawcett English Pale Chocolate Malt – 180-250° L. Less highly-roasted than regular chocolate malt. Adds color and a mild chocolate/coffee flavor to dark milds, stouts, and porters

Simpsons English Chocolate Malt – This chocolate malt from the UK is made from malted barley that is highly roasted, though not as high as black malt, to achieve a rich dark color with roasty hints of black coffee and bittersweet chocolate. This malt adds color and flavor to a wide variety of dark beer styles and is a classic malt for stout, porter, or brown ale. At small percentages it gives a brown color and mild roasted flavor while larger amounts deliver strong bittersweet chocolate and near black color. 400-490°L.

Briess Black (Patent) Malt – This highly roasted malt provides intense color and a distinct dry, ashy, roast character. Use in small amounts for color adjustment with minimal flavor contribution, or can be used in conjunction with other roasted malts to intensify the color and add a distinct sharp roasted flavor. It will have little impact on head color and can be used when a dark beer with a light head is desired. 500°L

Briess Midnight Wheat Malt – 550º Lovibond. A very dark roasted malt that provides body with very smooth and mild roasted flavor along with intense color. This malt won’t add the bitterness or astringency of other roasted malts like Chocolate or Black Malt. Made from Wisconsin wheat.

Crisp English Roasted Barley Malt – It is made from unmalted barley, making it distinct from Black Malt which is made by roasting malted barley. This creates a dry, roasted flavor with hints of coffee, and produces a beer with with a creamy white to off white head. It gives black color with ruby highlights and the distinct, dry, roasted bitter flavor characteristic of Guinness. It can also be used in very small amounts for color adjustment with little flavor contribution. 500-600°L

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