Brewing beer is one of my passions to be sure. I have created some new brews in the last few months. I also had to find something to do with a whole bunch of blood oranges. My tree had a couple of hundred blood oranges that were ripe and I got juicing them. I made two little batches of blood orange wine. I saved enough fresh squeezed juice to also make a Blood Orange IPA from a recipe I found online.  

I also have a white fig tree out back and a Ruby Seedless grape vine that has grown a lot and produced a nice little crop of grapes so all of this fruit was ready to be picked and put to use. I have not done much wine making but I got to work. I have a 5 gallon batch of Ruby Summer Grape IPA, two 5 gallon batches of Blood Orange wine, Ruby Seedless wine, and two little test 2 gallon batches White Fig wine going at the moment. I’ve racked the blood orange wine and the fig wine batches and still fermenting. Ruby wine too. Looks like the next beer going to keg will be the Ruby Summer Grape IPA.

My folks were in Puerto Rico with my sister recently and I decided to get creative with one my first recipes, my rookie first attempt at brewing with grains. This time I started with a generous 12 lbs of Great Western domestic 2 Row base, plus the other ingredients I used on the original recipe. The original recipe was called simply Experimental Dark Brew #1. The dark came from molasses, dark corn syrup and turbinado pure cane sugar. On the original recipe, I used only Cascade hops pellets. This time I used whole hops and added some Nugget hops too earlier in the boil. It should be a nice strong beer and I named it for my folks being in Puerto Rico. Since it’s got plenty of molasses and turbinado cane sugar, it’s got a Caribbean theme along with the generous hops additions. This batch I’ve called Rich Port Caribbean Ale. We shall see how it turns out. My next post will be about the new brews I have kegged in the big keeper. I will having another Brewing39 BBQ Beer Tasting planned for early September hopefully. I’ll keep you posted. 

(This is a repost from last August but it was been so riddled with spam posts, thousands of them and I didn’t know how to delete so many comments in the admin for this site)

Below are some pics of my blood oranges, Ruby seedless grapes, White figs from my tree and two batches of the blood orange wine beginning.